Pandemic thoughts 

Well.... I guess I'm not sure why anyone would want to read my thoughts during this crazy phase in our lives, but here goes... it's been over a year.  During the past 13 months I've performed twice, virtually.  Once to create a Motown Musical Concert that's now available on the Swan Songs website, and once to help raise awareness for American Indians.  I still love to sing and especially to donate my voice to a Cause that I believe in or can help someone in need.  I'm always available for that.  As for…

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What I think  

You don't have to look too closely to see that I don't blog much... we live in a hustle-bustle world where everyone is busy all the time either going someplace, coming home from work with just enough energy left to fix dinner and hit the sack before getting up to do it all again, or taking precious time out for family, friends, a special animal companion, the community, that project... or finally and just maybe, themselves. A few minutes of quiet at the end of a long day. A moment to reflect on something…Read more

My Rant (by request) 

I drive a Honday CRV.  I used to drive a Honda accord and I loved that car.  I had a car mezuzah in the glove box.  I don't remember who gave it to me or where I got it, but you can't ever be too safe; and it seemed to work just fine until one day about three years ago, when I was rear-ended at a red light by a drunk driver who was going about 60 - let me qualify that - a drunk LAWYER who was going about 60 and I, who was going zero, came between him and the car in front of me.

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Fernando has bone cancer. Dr. Burke says we have at least 2 weeks with him. It’s in his front leg, and the kind that spreads fast. It’s the beginning of February.

Last week Bradley got the all-clear from his oncologist after a year of radiation, chemo and taking all sorts of additional stuff. We’re convinced the “additional stuff”, this amazing herbal formula called Essiac, was magical, so we’re going to give it to Fernando too.

Bradley told me that when he was in the worst part of his cancer, he did…Read more

Thanks Giving 

For me there's a mingling of excitement and terror surrounding Thanskgiving.  I've been hosting the dinner and weekend for our extended family for probably 20 years now so you'd think I'd have it down and could do it in my sleep.  Well, I probably do half of it in my sleep anyway, getting up at the crack of dawn to get the bird in the oven.  I won't go into my animal pacifist rap here.  I'll save that for another blog. 
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Live on the air!!! 

October 26th, live on the air with Jim Jenkins in Bishopville, South Carolina at WAGS AM Radio!   What a great guy, and what a fun interview we had.  Jim played "Where'd All The Money Go" from our new CD as well as his fav "America Walking By".  It was great to be able to share some stories on air with Jim about how these songs came about, or came to be on the CD.  Which reminds me, I've finally gotten all the lyrics up for "A Deep Oasis" and added stories along with them.  I loved writing the short stories…Read more

Tubing the Comal 

Adam is moving back to Boulder on Wednesday.  Today we are celebrating his visit here, which lasted about 18 months longer than he expected it to!   I wonder how many people can say their son moved back in for almost 2 years and every day was a wonderful blessing that they'll cherish forever?   I'm so blessed that I can say that with no hesitation.  And I'll miss him a lot.  So today we are tubing the Comal, taking a couple of  hours away from everything else and listening to the cicadas, feeling the hot…Read more

New to this Bloggin' thing 

August 29th and it's hotter than ... well, hotter than I can remember here in Austin. I remember my first visit to Austin to see Bradley when I still lived in Colorado and we'd just reconnected. He took me to Wimberley and we went swimming in the Blanco and it was about this time of year but humid, and I think probably in the low 90's.