Pandemic thoughts

Well.... I guess I'm not sure why anyone would want to read my thoughts during this crazy phase in our lives, but here goes... it's been over a year.  During the past 13 months I've performed twice, virtually.  Once to create a Motown Musical Concert that's now available on the Swan Songs website, and once to help raise awareness for American Indians.  I still love to sing and especially to donate my voice to a Cause that I believe in or can help someone in need.  I'm always available for that.  As for fronting a band again, one never knows what the future holds.

Last July my granddaughter came into the world.  My strong, courageous daughter safely delivered her in the hospital during COVID with her awesome husband by her side.  The staff and her fabulous doctor made everything safe and really took care of them all.  Now this little angel is learning to crawl.  She came into this world during a time that for most everyone alive now has been inconceivable and a great challenge on so many fronts.  For some a tremendous and terrible loss that took away someone they loved, depended on, were working through things with, cherished, cared about.  Some people have just gone crazy and forgotten that we are all in the same boat, trying to get through this and back to life that felt more sane and comfortable, or just more predictable.  I see my two grandchildren spending their very young years learning how to live and socialize while in lockdown and quarantine and masked.  They are thriving, thanks to family and friends and FaceTime.

I've had time to grieve for my dad, who died in 2016 but who left such a big hole in my heart I thought I'd never sing again.  Now wherever I walk, whatever I do, I feel that he's here with me and I can accept this new relationship gently.

I made a New Year's Resolution it's been a blessing to keep, and that is to be closer to my friends even though we are separated by distance - to always speak from my heart with compassion and to see, and respect, the tiny glories in each day.

During this pandemic I was terminated by one of my longest running clients, and right when the winter holidays started, so now I know how it feels to lose the job I depended on to take care of my family.  I learned that letting go can be a huge gift and that yes, "in all this sh*t there's got to be a pony somewhere", if you feel like looking for it.

For you, who've made it all the way to the bottom of this blog post, I'm always here if you feel like sending a message.  My wish for you is that you stay safe, healthy and happy and that you have love in your life.  

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