From the recording A Deep Oasis


Paul Tiernan is not only a very nice man but a compelling and gifted songwriter and singer. Thanks to Iain Matthews for bringing us his magical song. ls

Frank's up, he's gone, he's run away
Five years wishing his life away
He knew nothing made sense
He was living in the future tense

Look up, it's an airplane
I know there he goes again
He'll wave from the window seat
Getting younger with every heartbeat

Goodbye, wrapped it up
In a box that she could never drop
Life's too short to be a martyr
Isn't that what we've got a heart for

Me, I still remember that time
When everybody was doing just fine
When the last bell rang in my head
I still got breakfast in bed

Let's drink to '76
Hi-fi stereos and hockey sticks
Playboys under your bed
Neil Young playing in your head

All the girls down at the disco
Ice men melting in the snow
Spinning round, living for the moment
Waking up to another "no, no, no"

Frank's up, he took a chance
Every song, every dance
Out there doing his thing
Telling everyone Elvis was king


Come down now, my little pussycat
I'm tired - need a little this and that
It's not an easy way to make a living
All this dancing all this singing

For everyone rich there's somebody sinking
Maybe that's what got me thinking
Let's build a rocket ship to Mars
Let's book a ticket to the stars